The UN Security Council and Africa: Playing New Games and Applying New Rules and Moves

  • Bruno Stagno Ugarte


This chapter seeks to unveil the inner workings of the United Nations (UN) Security Council through a detailed historical and political analysis of a wide range of precedent-setting responses to internal and international conflicts in Africa. In so doing, it makes a compelling case for the argument that Africa has long been the prime testing-ground for the Security Council, and especially so since the end of the Cold War. The “games” that the Council has played on the continent have allowed it to test innovative, and at times intrusive, responses to the challenges of maintaining international peace and security, spanning peacekeeping, peacebuilding, generalised and targeted sanctions, military interventions, international criminal accountability, and human rights. Interestingly, most of these innovations have been adopted with the acquiescence of the African Council members at the time, but for the most part have yet to be applied to situations beyond Africa.

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