Implementing the Industrial Emissions Directive: The UK Environmental Permitting Regime for High-Risk Activities

  • Adrian Kesterson
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Environmental Policy and Regulation book series (PSEPR)


The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is the key instrument for minimising consumption and emissions from industrial activities in Europe. Significant environmental and public health benefits can be achieved by reducing emissions across the European Union (EU), through better application of Best Available Techniques (BAT) at ‘higher risk’ prescribed activities. Adrian Kesterson, a former Environment Agency (EA) Regulatory Officer, now Director of Expirea Environmental Consultancy Ltd., discusses the implementation of the IED in the UK, its links to other legislation, the permit application requirements for prescribed activities and the strengths and weaknesses of the UK permitting regime. He gives an outline of the approach to determining BAT at the EU level, local assessment of BAT and concludes with a look at future challenges for UK policymakers.


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