Steps Towards Radically Smarter Regulation in the UK (2012–2017)

  • Edward Lockhart-Mummery
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Environmental Policy and Regulation book series (PSEPR)


Lockhart-Mummery argues that the conditions in the 2010s were emerging for radical reform of UK environmental regulations to more effectively integrate environmental outcomes into the working of the economy. Initial steps have been taken across UK administrations. In England, early progress has included redesigning all environmental guidance around its users, simplifying data reporting and designing (but not yet implementing) a long-term framework for environmental policy and law. In Scotland, reform started with developing a single framework for environmental permits and is deepening through ‘One Planet Prosperity’ the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s regulatory strategy. In Wales, the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 develops a holistic framework for assessing and developing policy for the environment. Brexit now creates an unprecedented opportunity and imperative for a much bolder approach to reshape environmental policy, regulation and law to the benefit of UK public, environment and business.


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