Lobar Anatomy

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To understand and analyze the exact anatomy of the breast is an essential stage in mammary ultrasound. What characterizes lobar echography is the exposition and analysis of each of the components located within and around each lobe. It necessitates a purely radial approach of the ultrasound scans in opposition to conventional echography which uses systematic orthogonal slices.

Ducto-radial echography following Dr. M. TEBOUL’s teaching is the only technique in breast imaging that provides an accurate visualization of the lobar anatomy of the breast with systematic slices strictly superimposable on those observed in anatomopathology using 10 cm large slices. The precise analysis of each constitutive element of the breast is presented here in a didactic way. This approach is no longer “operator-dependent” but is only “anatomy-dependent.” It allows unprecedented understanding of lobar anatomy, and further chapters will provide an interesting analysis of physiological variations and of the development of mammary pathology.


Ducto-lobular axis Lobe Lobule Cooper’s ligament Fascia 


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