Traumatic Dislocation and Fractures

  • Andrea Panzeri
  • Paolo CapitaniEmail author
  • Gabriele Thiébat
  • Herbert Schoenhuber
Part of the Sports and Traumatology book series (SPORTS)


Alpine Ski is an high energy sport where athletes reach high speeds. Their joints are undergone to several stresses that can lead to traumas of two types: generic and specific for joints. The first one are the injuries caused by high energy traumas and usually happen more often in Downhill (DH) and Super-Giant Slalom (SG). In Giant Slalom (GS) and Slalom (SL), the joint usually undergo a specific mechanism of injury due to an inappropriate movement.


Trauma Dislocation Fractures Elite Alpine ski Downhill Slalom Giant slalom Super-giant slalom 


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