Colposcopy: A Direct Oral Microscopy for Oral Cancer and Precancer

  • Silvano Costa
  • Prashanth PantaEmail author


Colposcope is a diagnostic tool frequently used in the practice of gynecology. Colposcopic examination is a painless procedure that is less time consuming and requires no anesthesia. The studies of this decade and a few from the previous one have shed light on the use of colposcopy in oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancers. Cervical colposcopy is also associated with a few adverse outcomes which are not known to occur in oral colposcopy (direct oral microscopy) and the procedure does not vary much when applied to the oral mucosa. The colposcopic impression is mainly based on changes in the characteristics such as blood vessel caliber and pattern, spacing between capillaries, margins, color, and contour; however, for oral esions, the most important changes of value are the changes in vascular pattern. Direct oral miscroscopy is especially important in the selection of biopsy site. In this chapter a colposcopist and a stomatologist worked at the intersection to offer a basic knowledge of colposcopy practice in the arena it is routinely used, with a summary of the studies on oral oncology.


Colposcopy Cervical cancer Oral cancer Direct oral microscopy Vascular pattern 


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