Small-Bowel Endoscopy

  • Paolo GandulliaEmail author
  • Tommaso Bellini


Small-bowel endoscopy is a recent technique that has been recently introduced in pediatric gastroenterology practice. It allows to explore a region previously unreachable by standard digestive endoscopy. Small-bowel endoscopy consists of two different techniques: the wireless capsule endoscopy and the balloon-assisted enteroscopy; there is no evidence that one technique is better than another and their use, combined or alone, has permitted diagnostic and therapeutic advances in small-bowel disease such as inflammatory bowel diseases, obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, vascular malformations, and polyps. In Crohn’s disease, small-bowel endoscopy is fundamental to evaluate the extension and to stage of the disease, and to perform a therapeutic intervention avoiding surgery.


Children Pediatrics Small-bowel endoscopy Wireless capsule endoscopy Balloon-assisted enteroscopy Single balloon enteroscopy Double balloon endoscopy Inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s disease Obscure bleeding 


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