Obama Delivers for Kenya: On Business

  • Elijah Nyaga Munyi


Initially, it seemed as though President Obama was chiefly concerned about how to improve Kenya’s governance standards. Misunderstandings about the US’s true intentions shaped relations between Kenya and the US in Obama’s first term. Later, Obama’s long-term legacy project for Africa emerged and matters of security and economic growth took precedence. This chapter makes two broad arguments about Obama’s legacy in Kenya. First, in the short term, President Obama was instrumental in reviving Kenya–US economic relations. Second, Obama’s long-term legacy will be defined by the success or failure of his signature legacy project in Africa, the Power Africa Initiative. Beyond this, Obama will be remembered for shifting the ideational and financial foundations of US–Kenya relations from the humanitarianism exemplified by PEPFAR to a more productive sector minded model where US grants are directed to vitalizing business and entrepreneurship.

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  • Elijah Nyaga Munyi
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