India’s Views of the Obama Era: Maturing Defense Partners but Reluctant Asia-Pacific Friends

  • Shivaji Kumar


The India-US relationship is one of the most important emerging relations on the Asian continent and is currently undergoing a dynamic evolution as a result of the Chinese hyperactivity in the South China Sea, as well as India’s own border disputes with China on the one hand, and Washington’s active pursuit of India to participate in the US-led security order in Asia on the other. Although the U.S-India relationship under the Obama administration had been successful in building strong defense and security relations, the cooperation over American rebalance to the Asia-Pacific lagged behind. This failure stemmed from American inability to fully convince New Delhi of Washington’s commitment to the pivot to Asia strategy. Although the United States sought to forge a greater understanding over its Asian strategy with India, it was still unable to convince New Delhi of the American commitment to the pivot to Asia strategy.

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  • Shivaji Kumar
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