Single-Stage Reconstruction of the Nipple-Areolar Complex: Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

  • Emilie C. RobinsonEmail author
  • Vicky Kang
  • Andrea B. McNab
  • Anuja K. Antony


Reconstruction of the nipple-areolar complex has traditionally been performed in two stages, reconstruction of the nipple, followed by tattooing of the entire complex months later. This chapter discusses the emerging technique of performing the entire reconstruction in a single operation. In addition to the steps of the procedure, the text details elements of the operation that are improved upon with the single-stage technique. The chapter covers historical concerns and how those are addressed by current studies on the single-stage technique. The chapter provides a review of the available literature, discussing both variations in technique and clinical outcomes. Perhaps the most powerful determinant of clinical success in nipple-areolar complex reconstruction is patient satisfaction. This text demonstrates that the single-stage technique provides many advantages over the two-stage technique and may be the most effective method in achieving superior patient satisfaction.


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