Nipple Reconstruction with Rolled Dermal Graft Support

  • Bien-Keem TanEmail author
  • Weihao Liang
  • Preetha Madhukumar
  • Benita K. T. Tan


The long-term appearance of the reconstructed nipple is a significant factor in the patient’s overall satisfaction with their breast reconstruction. A variety of techniques have been described for the reconstruction of the nipple. The authors discuss the use of a tightly rolled dermal graft to create a graft with axial rigidity for nipple reconstruction and possible complications. Two cases are presented showing the results. A thick, well-vascularized dermis is a key factor in maintaining of nipple projection which is what the rolled dermal graft does.



The authors thank Mr. Evan Lim of SingHealth Academy for the medical illustrations.


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  • Weihao Liang
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  • Preetha Madhukumar
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  • Benita K. T. Tan
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  1. 1.Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic SurgerySingapore General HospitalSingaporeSingapore
  2. 2.Department of Surgical OncologyNational Cancer Center SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  3. 3.Department of General SurgerySingapore General Hospital AcademiaSingaporeSingapore
  4. 4.SingHealth Duke-NUS Breast Center, Singapore General HospitalSingaporeSingapore

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