Nipple-Areola Complex Reconstruction with Dermal-Fat Flaps: Technical Improvement from Rolled Auricular Cartilage to Artificial Bone

  • Hiroko YanagaEmail author
  • Katsu Yanaga


The method by Yanaga successfully achieved NAC reconstruction with dermal-fat flaps and cartilage or artificial bone. An advantage of this method is that a base is formed by the dermis at the central portion of the two dermal-fat flaps, so the probability of retraction is greatly reduced. The authors also use a method of skin grafting from a proximal portion of the inner thigh for adaptation to the texture and color tone of the NAC. This method enables NAC reconstruction in one step.


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    In reference 17, the author name H. Tanable (Hiroko Tanable) has been changed to H. Yanaga (Hiroko Yanaga) in 1999.Google Scholar

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