Generation Global: A Global Dialogue Programme for Young People

  • Ian Jamison


Jamison, working for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, provides people with practical tools to address religious extremism, prejudice and violence, and to help build open-minded and pluralist societies. His chapter examines The Generation Global programme run by the Foundation, an approach enabling young people to develop these key skills and experiences that will help them to build resilience to extremist narratives or more on education’s role in building resilience against extremism. What is pertinent from a methodological point of view are the ethical considerations which touch upon security concerns, confidentiality agreements and data that is taken from refugee camps around the world. Jamison believes the Foundation has a part to play in good practice and empowering young people to develop skills to build a better world. Moreover, the author is an advocate of improving access to quality education and developing multicultural dialogues and critical thinking.


Tony Blair Foundation Generation Global programme Empowering young people Educational access Multicultural dialogues 


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