Complication: Trapped Burr

  • Lucky R. Cuenza
  • Aaron Wong
  • Kay Woon HoEmail author
Part of the Clinical Cases in Interventional Cardiology book series (CCIC)


A 74-year-old former smoker and hypertensive male with aortic aneurysm was scheduled electively for endovascular aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR). He has been experiencing recurrent angina symptoms despite medical therapy. Echocardiogram showed an ejection fraction of 72% with no regional wall motion abnormalities. Coronary angiogram showed significant two-vessel disease in the left anterior descending artery (LAD) and a calcified lesion in the right coronary artery (RCA) (Fig. 22.1). Patient was then scheduled for multivessel PCI.

Supplementary material

Video 22.1

The burr 2.15-mm burr is trapped after two runs during the rotablation procedure (MOV 10770 kb)

Video 22.2

Cine image showing the burr stuck in the calcified plaque of the mid-right coronary artery (MOV 4125 kb)

Video 22.3

Applying the child in mother technique and pulling back on the Rotablator while countertraction is applied on the catheter (MOV 11431 kb)

Video 22.4

Successful percutaneous retrieval of the Rotablator burr after careful and continuous manual traction (MOV 7825 kb)


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