Pushing Korea to Think in a World of Complexity: The East Asia Institute

  • Sook-Jong Lee


After the democratization of South Korea in 1987, the number of think tanks exploded under the subsequent fairly elected governments. The global think tank boom originated from the increasingly complex changes in world politics which have arisen since the end of the Cold War. However, South Korea does not seem to follow the global trend of mushrooming growth in independent think tanks, as most think tanks are government affiliated. The East Asia Institute (EAI) is unique since it is an independent non-profit think tank. Its activities are particularly important in light of some crucial security challenges, such as the situation in North Korea and the complex diplomatic dynamics with China, Japan, and the United States. Even though EAI claims scarcity of financial resources, it produces quality research and proposes policy recommendations and strategies to the South Korean government, for example “complex diplomacy,” “coevolutionary strategy,” and “middle-power diplomacy.”

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