Crossing the Chiasm: Sutured Care in Medical Education

  • Martina Kelly
  • Tim Dornan


Medical students learn to think like a doctor and act like a doctor—but how to feel like a doctor?

Ironically, for a profession devoted to the study of the body, the experience of medical education can deny the physical presence of a physician’s body. In this vignette, a family doctor shares her surprise at how she experienced her emotional engagement with a patient physically, through a small gesture which enabled patient and doctor to transcend the formal boundaries of their doctor-patient relationship. She reflects on the central role of the body in the expression of human caring. She wonders how medical education could re-focus on the body as perceptual to bridge the power divide between patient and physician.


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Related Further Reading

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  • Martina Kelly
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  • Tim Dornan
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  1. 1.Health Sciences CenterUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada

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