Battles for Seizure of Power and the Making of Revolutionary Committees 夺权风暴 新政诞生

  • Peijie WangEmail author


This chapter presents the birth and pursuit of revolutionary committees in the revolutionary storms of, and spirited battles for, power seizure from the old establishments all over the country. It informs the background for the emergence of revolutionary committees. Crucially, the chapter provides a chronicle of the historical events unfolding through the first revolutionary committees launched in the early 1967 to their fast withering into irrelevance. Three-pronged resolution in the composition of revolutionary committees is deliberated together with the epidemic of factionalism that persisted concurrently. Phenomena of pending regression to the past are shown, substantiated by some vividly portrayed grassroots anecdotes.


Power seizure Cultural Revolution Revolutionary committee Three-pronged resolution Factionalism 

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