Mitral Valve Catheter-Based Interventions: Auxiliary Techniques and Work in Progress

  • Oscar Millan Iturbe
  • Vinayak (Vinnie) Bapat


Mitral valve disease is the one of the most common of the valvular heart disorders, particularly in aging populations, with a prevalence of more than 10% in people aged more than 75 years [1]. Heart failure is one of the most frequent causes of functional mitral valve regurgitation (MR) [2]. Enriquez-Sarano and colleagues estimated that moderate to severe mitral regurgitation will double its prevalence by 2030, affecting more than 4 million people [1, 3]. Interestingly, MR is the second most common valve disease requiring surgery in Europe as most of the patients are managed conservatively [3]. MR is divided into either primary (a structural or degenerative abnormality of the mitral valve apparatus) or secondary (a disease of the left ventricle (LV) that interferes with the function and integrity of the mitral valve apparatus) MR [1, 3]. Mitral stenosis is usually due to rheumatic disease, but heavy calcification of the mitral leaflets might involve the subvalvar apparatus [1, 4].


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