Thoracoscopic Lymph Node Dissection

  • Dominique Gossot


The major pulmonary resections described in this atlas are mostly done for lung cancer. Surgical treatment of lung carcinoma with curative intent requires complete resection, that is, microscopically proven free resection margins and systematic node dissection. A systematic lymph node dissection means:
  • Excision of hilar, interlobar, and/or intersegmental lymph nodes

  • Excision of mediastinal fat and enclosed lymph nodes, which are dissected and identified

Supplementary material

Video 2.1

Use of a throw-off retractor to expose stations 4R and 2R (MP4 9037 kb)

Video 2.2

Use of lymph node grasping forceps (MOV 191794 kb)

Video 2.3

Use of versatile bipolar forceps for lymph node dissection in stations 5 and 6 (MOV 92079 kb)

Video 2.4

Lymph node dissection in stations 9 and 8 (MOV 164225 kb)

Video 2.5

Use of a dedicated three-leg retractor to enlarge space within station 7 (left side) (MP4 54279 kb)

Video 2.6

Lymph node dissection in stations 5 and 6 (MOV 694932 kb)

Video 2.7

Lymph node dissection in stations 2R and 4R, using a vessel-sealing device (MP4 156515 kb)

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