Open or Laparoscopic Liver Resection?

  • Rubén CiriaEmail author
  • Maria Dolores Ayllon
  • Irene Gómez-Luque
  • Javier Briceño


Liver surgery is complex and technically demanding. A teamwork consisting in experienced surgeons and well-trained anaesthesiologists is mandatory to achieve optimal results. Expertise teams have incorporated minimally invasive techniques to their liver surgery armamentarium and now, it is a well-established approach for several indications. Since the first laparoscopic left-lateral sectionectomies in 1996, the progression of laparoscopic liver resections has been exponential and now, complex liver resections, major hepatectomies, sequential procedures and even living donation are being performed laparoscopically. We will provide an overview of indications, advantages and technical considerations of this approach.


Laparoscopy Liver Hepatectomy 

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Laparoscopic left lateral hepatic resection (MP4 491949 kb)

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Laparoscopic left hemihepatectomy (MP4 468655 kb)


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