Laser-Assisted Treatment of Peri-implantitis

  • Edward A. MarcusEmail author


Dental lasers are becoming a useful adjunct in the treatment of ailing and failing implants with their ability to remove diseased tissue, decontaminate implant surfaces, and stimulate growth factors, fibroblast attachment, and collagen deposition. When compared to conventional treatment outcomes, reported clinical improvements resulting from laser-assisted treatment of peri-implantitis include reductions in probing depth, bleeding, suppuration, and implant mobility, with evidence of bone formation and reosseointegration. Future research is expected to optimize clinical efficacy and predictability of laser treatment in the long term.


Peri-implantitis Laser Photodynamic therapy Photosensitizer Bacteria Probing depth Fibroblast attachment Growth factors Collagen deposition Bone formation Osseointegration 


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