Preservation of Alveolar Dimensions at the Time of Tooth Extraction

  • Robert A. HorowitzEmail author


Our patients lose teeth due to advanced periodontal disease, endodontic issues, restorative problems, and trauma. The goal of the dental team that is treating the patient, should be to have the best procedures and materials used to maximize the functional and aesthetic benefits of each and every step of the process. From choosing the appropriate surgical technique to the proper materials will enable the regeneration of an ideal site with vital bone and covered with keratinized tissue. In this way an ideal implant can be placed to support a restoration which is easy to maintain in a clean and healthy state for the rest of the patient’s lifetime. This chapter will demonstrate different surgical approaches and biomaterials to help the surgeon make the best educated choice to yield an optimal biologically based, cosmetic outcome. The reader will see clinical cases, histologic validation, and literature source to justify the treatment modalities shown. These are predictable and will assist you in the choices you must make on a daily basis.


Bone regeneration Tooth extraction Allograft Calcium sulfate Site collapse Amnion/chorion Guided tissue regeneration Platelet-rich fibrin 


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