Enteroscopy for GI Fellows

  • Thiruvengadam Muniraj
  • Linda S. LeeEmail author


Examination of small bowel has been challenging due its anatomy, length, and tortuosity. The advent of newer enteroscopic devices such as double-balloon enteroscopy (DBE), single-balloon enteroscopy (SBE), spiral enteroscopy (SE), and through-the-scope balloon-assisted enteroscopy has dramatically changed the approach in management of small intestinal diseases. While wireless video capsule endoscopy revolutionized diagnostic capabilities in the small bowel, only after the introduction of enteroscopic devices did the therapeutic approach transform with the ability to biopsy and perform various interventions. Although all the available modalities (DBE, SBE, and SE) are comparable, and each has its own advantages, selection of a specific enteroscope depends on the availability and the endoscopist’s experience with these devices.


Enteroscopy Double-balloon enteroscopy Single-balloon enteroscopy Spiral enteroscopy 

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