Lacrimal Surgery

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Tears are essential for the normal function of the eye. A part of the tears is lost by evaporation. The majority of tears drain to the inferior meatus of the nose. The parasympathic nervous system controls the tear volume reflex by the fifth cranial nerve. When the volume increases or the passage is obstructed, the patient complains about epiphora and blurred vision. Bacterial invasion of an obstructed lacrimal system can occasionally lead to acute dacryocystitis with fistula formation. The patient should be informed that in almost every case (except for orbital abscess) the operation is elective and optional.


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Supplementary material

Video 1.1

Microdrilldacryoplasty of a button hole stenosis of the lacrimal sac (MPG 30860 kb)

Video 1.2

Microdrilldacryoplastyof a subtotal stenosis of the nasolacrimal duct. (MPG 109371 kb)

Video 1.3

Microdrilldacryoplasty of dacryoliths and scars in the lacrimal sac (MPG 34815 kb)

Video 1.4

Polyps and bleeding in the lacrimal sac due to chronic dacryocystitis (MPG 14154 kb)


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