Health, Human Rights, and the Global Programme on AIDS

  • Michael Merson
  • Stephen Inrig


This chapter explores how Jonathan Mann, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Programme on AIDS (GPA), came over time to champion a health and human rights framework for confronting the AIDS pandemic and made it a key component of the Global AIDS Strategy. Mann strived to draw attention to issues of discrimination, including national policies restricting the immigration and travel of people with HIV and AIDS. He argued passionately that fundamental human rights violations put populations at greater risk for HIV infection and hindered their appropriate access to prevention, care, and treatment services. Significantly, in May 1988, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution calling on governments to advocate the need to protect the human rights and dignity of people with HIV and AIDS. This led GPA to establish collaborations with human rights organizations and to apply the health and human rights framework to the rights of women.


Jonathan Mann Human rights Health and human rights framework Public health rationale Third epidemic Discrimination Travel restrictions Women 

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