Herpes Zoster: A Patient’s Perspective

  • Anne Tuzi
  • C. Peter N. WatsonEmail author


My name is Ann Tuzi; I am 57 years old and I would like to tell my story. First of all I want to thank God for giving me a second chance at life although it left me with a condition, which I will tell you about. My journey started 13 years ago in 2002 when I was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma/leukemia (a rare cancer of the blood). I fought a big fight with that type of cancer, and it managed to go into remission, but in October 2003 I got shingles on the right side of my abdomen during one of my chemotherapy treatments. At first I didn’t know what it was but the pain was out of this world. We had to stop my chemo treatment and I was bedridden for 6 months. By the time I was referred to a pain clinic, it was too late; all the nerves of my waist had been damaged. So I was put on gabapentin 600 mg/day which helped a little but didn’t get rid of the pain. If that wasn’t enough, my shingles then spread to my right eye. So I was put in isolation for a week where they were able to treat that with famciclovir.

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