US Contrast Media in Andrology

  • Massimo ValentinoEmail author
  • Michele Bertolotto
  • Libero Barozzi
  • Pietro Pavlica
  • Lorenzo Derchi


Ultrasound (US) is recognized as a useful first-line imaging modality, being esteemed its characteristics such as real-time scanning, no radiation, easy performance, and cost-effectiveness. However, it is regarded inferior to computed tomography and magnetic resonance because of its low ability to depict organ vascularization especially for tumor characterization.


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Supplementary material

Video 54.1

CEUS of normal kidney. The enhancement starts 10–15 s after the UCA injection, and the venous phase is at 20–40 s. In the first phase, there is an intense enhancement of the renal cortex. In the venous phase, kidneys become homogenously hyperechoic (AVI 35526 kb)

Video 54.2

CEUS of normal testis. The testis shows an intense and early enhancement after contrast injection, with visualization of the feeding artery, followed few seconds later by the visualization of homogeneous parenchymal enhancement (AVI 6682 kb)


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