US Contrast Media in Prostatic Disease

  • Vincenzo ScattoniEmail author
  • Carmen Maccagnano


Transrectal ultrasonography has widely been used for evaluating the prostate and guiding biopsy: nevertheless, it has been shown that transrectal ultrasonography has limited value for detecting prostate cancer (PCa) owing to its unsatisfactory sensitivity and variable accuracy. Contrast-enhanced transrectal ultrasonography that can enhance the visualization of perfusion changes related to prostate cancer is regarded as a promising tool for improving the detection of prostate cancer. It has the potential to perform lesion-targeted biopsy that may ultimately improve the detection of prostate cancer. Several studies have shown that contrast-enhanced transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsies may have a significantly higher positive per core detection rate (DR) and significantly higher mean Gleason score cancer detection rate compared with systematic biopsy. Nevertheless, future randomized clinical trials are necessary to confirm the value of contrast-enhanced-targeted transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy in regular clinical practice.


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Supplementary material

Video 53.1

The video shows a progressive enhancement after the intravenous administration of contrast medium. An increasing vascularization in the left peripheral zone is particularly evident (image on the left). The image on the right in B with low mechanic index demonstrates a hypoechoic area in US with gray scale. The pathologic exam confirmed a cancer in the identified lesion. (WMV 1341 kb)


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