The Role of Intraoperative Ultrasound for Testicular Masses

  • Michele BertolottoEmail author
  • Nicola Pavan
  • Massimo Valentino
  • Giovanni Liguori
  • Stefano Bucci
  • Libero Barozzi
  • Lorenzo E. Derchi


In the clinical practice, there is an increasing incidence of small, non-palpable testicular lesions identified with an ultrasonographic investigation performed for other purposes. Many of these lesions are benign tumours or non-neoplastic conditions. In this context, the old axiom that every testicular mass should be considered a malignant tumour and the testis must be removed is no longer valid. Lesions can either undergo active surveillance or testis-sparing surgery, which allows maximal preservation of testicular parenchyma and its vasculature. To provide for the possibility of testis-sparing surgery for non-palpable nodules, precise intraoperative ultrasonographic localisation of the lesion is necessary. Our technique includes ultrasonographic localisation of the nodule within the exposed testicle and placement of a localising needle while the patient is on the operating table.


Intraoperative ultrasonography, testis Testis, tumour enucleation Testis, organ-sparing surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 44.1

Insertion of a 30G needle into the nodule to guide enucleation. (MP4 522 kb)


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