Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid and Scaphocapitate Fusion in Kienböck’s Disease

  • Daniel J. MastellaEmail author
  • H. Kirk Watson


The lunate represents the central load-bearing column of the wrist and is critical to wrist function. The osteonecrosis of Kienböck’s disease compromises the load-bearing capabilities of the lunate. The principle of treatment for Kienböck’s disease, therefore, is to preserve the lunate and the architecture of the surrounding carpus by redirecting the loads traversing the wrist around the lunate rather than through it. The ability to adjust the scaphoid and then stabilize it with STT and SC fusion allows the scaphoid to take a load through the radial column of the wrist and effectively unloads the lunate in Kienböck’s disease, improving force transmission across the wrist and therefore grip strength.


Kienböck’s Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid Scaphocapitate Wrist Arthrodesis Lunate Osteonecrosis STT SC Fusion Biomechanics Mastella Watson 

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