Industrial Photochromism

  • Andrew D. Towns
Part of the Lecture Notes in Chemistry book series (LNC, volume 92)


This chapter outlines how industrial photochromic dyes are designed, manufactured and used. It explains the properties that are crucial to their commercial utility and, in doing so, gives a definition of ‘industrial photochromism’. Such colorants possess several key molecular features. This Chapter reveals how these structural elements influence photochromism. Additionally, it describes the typical chemistries employed in dye construction and takes a critical look at the limitations of current commercial colorants. Along the way, the directions that the exploitation of existing types might take in order to improve performance receive attention as do the potential future industrial applications to which photochromic dyes may be put.


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Thousands of people working during this century and the last within industry, academia and elsewhere in countries across the globe can take a share of the credit for making industrial photochromism what it is. However, the author wishes to acknowledge the contribution to the knowledge, as well as the previously unpublished data, contained within this Chapter of the numerous members of technical staff of Vivimed Labs Europe Ltd (and James Robinson Ltd as was), particularly Dr. D.A. Clarke and Dr. S.M. Partington. In addition, mention must be made of the fruitful collaboration between the organisation with the research groups of Prof. J.D. Hepworth, Dr. B.M. Heron and Dr. C.D. Gabbutt, leading to the creation of insights into the properties of photochromic dyes and its realisation in the form of industrial photochromism.


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