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Reports and Further References

  • Stephen Juhasz
  • Frithiof I. Niordson
  • Peter Eberhard
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The IUTAM Reports were issued annually with one exception. There was a combined three-year report for the years 1954–55–56.


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A. Frequency, Availability

The IUTAM Reports were issued annually with one exception. There was a combined three-year report for the years 1954–55–56. IUTAM was formally established in 1946 and the first issue was published for the year 1948. The reports are usually printed during the calendar year following the year to which they refer. The last available report used for this edition of the book is for the 2014 calendar year. Copies of reports have been available from the IUTAM Secretariat and all reports are now available in scanned form on the IUTAM website

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B. Standardization

Unlike the IUTAM Proceedings, efforts have been made from the beginning, most likely by the General Secretaries, to achieve standardization in IUTAM Reports. The first phase was the standardization of size of the report and of the cover (16 × 23.5 mm, with ivory color). The second phase was the standardization of the information on the cover.
  1. 1.

    Information on title page in, English (as is majority of reports)

  2. 2.

    On top “International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.”

  3. 3.

    In the center “Report…”

  4. 4.

    On the bottom the IUTAM logo with the address of the Secretariat.


The third phase of the standarization dealt with the content. Until 1968 the content of the report centered around the Bureau and General assembly meetings, followed by the appendices in somewhat arbitrary fashion. With the 1969 report the grouping and sequencing has been improved. Also, an alphabetical “List of Addresses” of persons associated with IUTAM was introduced. From 1984, the spine of the volume is lettered “IUTAM” and also with “Report 1984.”

In the current format the first part is devoted to IUTAM activities with the record of the Annual General Assembly meetings given only in summary form. The second part contains reports with one or two exceptions relating to affiliated and adhering organizations and also detailed reports about all symposia of the corresponding year. The third part contains IUTAM statutes, resolutions, rules and procedures. This section concludes with a list of publications and list of names and addresses. The consecutive reports basically maintained the above format.

C. Further References

Bibliographical details of Proceedings of IUTAM Congresses, Symposia, and Reports are provided in the appendix. They have been the main sources of information for this book. Further interesting reading related to the history of IUTAM can be found in the following references.

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