Photorefractive Response: An Approach from the Photoconductive Properties

  • Naoto TsutsumiEmail author
  • Kenji Kinashi
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 240)


Photorefractive phenomenon is based on the refractive index modulation due to the redistribution of charge carriers generated upon the illumination of the interference of laser beams in the materials possessing both photoconductivity and optical nonlinearity. Photogeneration of charge carriers in the bright regions of the interferencing beams initiates the photorefractive phenomenon. Thus the photogeneration of charge carrier upon photoexcitation is first step for the photorefractive phenomenon. Through several photophysical processes, positive and negative charge carriers are periodically distributed to form the refractive index modulation via the first-order electro-optics effect of the Pockels effect. In this chapter, the role and the influence of photoconductive properties in organic photorefractive materials on the photorefractive performance are discussed, and the strategy for obtaining the better and the best photorefractive performance, higher diffraction efficiency, and faster speed of the grating formation of the corresponding materials is discussed from the point of view of the photoconductivity.


Optical Diffraction Photorefractive Material Electric Field Dependence Positional Disorder Photoconductive Property 
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Authors acknowledge Dr. Sassa in Riken and Dr. Tsujimura, former student, in Kyoto Institute of Technology for fruitful discussion for trapping events in photocurrent.


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