Deep Peroneal Nerve Entrapment

  • Beth S. PearceEmail author
  • Michael N. Brown
  • Helen W. Karl


Deep peroneal nerve entrapment causes pain along the dorsum of the medial foot into the first interspace. Burning or shooting pain that is worse at night and intolerance to shoes can be key features. Establishing the level of nerve injury and differentiating it from musculoskeletal pathology are pivotal to a positive outcome.


Deep peroneal nerve Deep fibular nerve Anterior tibial nerve Anterior fibular nerve Anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome Extensor retinaculum Sinus tarsi syndrome 

Supplementary material

Video 69.1

Physical examination of the deep peroneal nerve (MOV 24487 kb)

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Landmark-guided injection of the deep peroneal nerve (MOV 26781 kb)


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