Median Nerve Entrapments

  • Virtaj Singh
  • William B. EricsonJr.Email author


Median nerve entrapments are the most common of the upper extremity entrapments. Most people think of median nerve entrapment at the wrist (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome). It is equally important to be familiar with the other, more proximal entrapment neuropathies involving the median nerve.


Carpal tunnel syndrome Proximal median nerve entrapment Anterior interosseous nerve Pronator teres syndrome Lacertus tunnel syndrome Kiloh–Nevin syndrome Ligament of Struthers syndrome 

Supplementary material

Video 37.1

Physical exam of the median nerve at the elbow (MOV 17709 kb)

Video 37.2

Physical exam of the median nerve at the wrist (MOV 25237 kb)

Video 37.3

Landmark-guided injection of the median nerve at the elbow (MOV 24559 kb)

Video 37.4

Landmark-guided injection of the median nerve at the elbow (MOV 31737 kb)


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