Greater Occipital Nerve Entrapment

  • Andrea M. Trescot
  • Esther Rawner
  • David M. IrwinEmail author


The greater occipital nerve (GON) entrapment commonly causes occipital and cervicogenic headaches and can sometimes cause headaches with similar characteristics to migraine headaches. Diagnosis is made by physical examination of the neck and injection of local anesthetic. Treatment for GON includes medications, nerve injections, cryoneuroablation, radiofrequency lesioning, neuromodulation, and surgical decompression.


Occipital nerve Cervicogenic headache Occipital headache Migraine Whiplash Tension headache Occipital stimulation 

Supplementary material

Video 17.1

Physical exam of the greater occipital nerve (MOV 40425 kb)

Video 17.2

Landmark-guided injection of the greater occipital nerve (MOV 29122 kb)


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