The LOFAR Standard Imaging Pipeline

  • George HealdEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 426)


The Standard Imaging Pipeline (SIP) is LOFAR’s automatic system for the calibration and imaging of interferometric data. It is designed to be generally applicable to all imaging observations and to provide a reasonable quality of output data product in most cases. The SIP is composed of combinations of the individual calibration and imaging programs covered elsewhere in this lecture series. In this lecture the overall strategy of the SIP will be presented, along with information about how to set up calibration and imaging jobs, a description of ongoing work to improve the pipeline, and illustration through example datasets.



I would like to thank Tammo Jan Dijkema for the pipeline figure, and the entire “Calibration and Imaging Tiger Team” (CITT) based at ASTRON and elsewhere for their tireless efforts to expand the SIP into the arena of fast and efficient direction-dependent calibration. At the time that this description was written, the CITT included Tammo Jan Dijkema, Stefan Fröhlich, GH, Emanuela Orrú, David Rafferty, Tim Shimwell, Bas van der Tol, Carmen Toribio, and Nicolas Vilchez.


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