High Time Resolution with LOFAR

  • Jason HesselsEmail author
  • Richard Fallows
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 426)


LOFAR achieves high time resolution (< 1 s samples) using its various beam-formed modes. These modes are vital for observations of pulsars, fast radio transients, the Sun, (exo)planets, flare stars and dynamic spectra of scintillating sources—to name a few examples. Here we describe the observing modes and tools available to process raw LOFAR beam-formed data, including the standard pulsar pipeline (‘PulP’; pulppy) and further analysis—with a focus on pulsar dedispersion, folding, RFI excision, polarimetry and searching. We also describe a general purpose dynamic spectrum toolkit.



Many thanks to Vlad Kondratiev and Anastasia Alexov for being key contributors in the development and testing of the LOFAR Standard Pulsar Pipeine (PulP; pulppy). Along with the author (JH) of this chapter, Ben Stappers is co-lead of the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group, and has played a large role in the development of LOFAR’s BF modes. Anya Bilous provided the lovely plots for Fig. 14.5. Many thanks also to Charlotte Sobey and Aris Noutsos for providing descriptions of LOFAR RM synthesis and polarimetric calibration. Also many thanks to the 20-odd members of the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group for the great contributions that they have made to LOFAR BF commissioning and science exploitation. Many thanks to Nicolas Vilchez for his single-handed development of the Dynamic Spectrum Toolkit. Jason Hessels gratefully acknowledges funding from an NWO Vidi fellowship and ERC Starting Grant DRAGNET (337062).


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  2. 2.Anton Pannekoek Institute for AstronomyUniversity of AmsterdamAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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