Introduction to Low Frequency Radio Astronomy

  • George HealdEmail author
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Radio astronomy began at low (ν ≪ 300 MHz) frequencies, but until recently has traditionally been dominated by higher frequency work. With the advent of a new generation of low frequency interferometers and the anticipation of the low-frequency component of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the field is experiencing a rebirth. This introductory chapter summarizes some of the key historical developments of low frequency radio astronomy, outlining the science cases that are currently driving the rebirth of the field, and providing an overview of the required instruments and techniques. The role of LOFAR as a key observational facility in the current era of low frequency radio astronomy is highlighted throughout the chapter.



I am indebted to several colleagues who have provided their own collected lecture material that I have used as background. Among those I would particularly like to thank Michael Garrett, Jason Hessels, and Ger de Bruyn.


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