CLICK TEATRO Project: Augmented Reality and Promotion of Theater Events

  • Donato BarbuzziEmail author
  • Bachir Boussahel
  • Francesca De Carlo
  • Angelo Galiano
  • Donato Impedovo
  • Annalisa Longo
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This work describes the activity related to the field of Augmented Reality (AR) developed in the “Integrated Multimedia Assets to promote TheaTrical” (CLICK TEATRO) living lab project.

The “Integrated Multimedia Assets to promote TheaTrical” project realizes a system addressed to the citizens in order to create a link between theater activities and commercial operators. Through the use of an App for Smartphone, the user will receive content related to the show (additional content, interviews, etc.) and service associated (restaurants, car parks, hotels, bar, etc.). This information will be generated and managed by means of Augmented Reality tools.

Finally, the involved activities will enter in a virtuous circle, in fact the user will gain discount bonus to be used for purchasing other tickets.. The app has been developed for iOS systems.


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  • Bachir Boussahel
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  • Francesca De Carlo
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  • Angelo Galiano
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  • Donato Impedovo
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  • Annalisa Longo
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