Outcomes and Complications of Robotic Kidney Surgery

  • Alessandro Crestani
  • Marta Rossanese
  • Valeria Lami
  • Francesco Esperto
  • Gianluca Giannarini
  • Vincenzo FicarraEmail author


From its first developments, robot-assisted surgery had a rapid and wide diffusion into the field of urology and its indications have been expanded to several urological procedures and, as experience increased in the last years, even to challenging and complex cases with an acceptably low complication rate in the hands of high-volume surgeons. Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) is currently the most common treatment modality for surgical management of clinically localized prostate cancer in the US. The consequence of the widespread adoption of RARP was the use of the robotic platform to treat other urological malignancies as well as benign conditions.


Robotic surgery Radical nephrectomy Robotic pyeloplasty Partial nephrectomy Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy Robot-assisted radical nephrectomy Robot-assisted pyeloplasty Robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy Renal surgery Nephron sparing surgery 


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