The Web of Data for E-Commerce: and GoodRelations for Researchers and Practitioners

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Abstract is one of the main drivers for the adoption of Semantic Web principles by a broad number of organizations and individuals for real business needs. GoodRelations is a well-established conceptual model for representing e-commerce information, one of the few widely used OWL DL ontologies, and since 2012 the official e-commerce model of

In this tutorial, we will (1) give a comprehensive overview and hands-on training on the advanced conceptual structures of for e-commerce, including patterns for ownership and demand, (2) present the full tool chain for producing and consuming respective data, (3) explain the long-term vision of Linked Open Commerce, and (4) discuss advanced topics, like access control, identity and authentication (e.g. with WebID); micropayment services, and data management issues from the publisher and consumer perspective. We will also cover research opportunities resulting from the growing adoption and the respective amount of data in RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD syntaxes.

Keywords GoodRelations Semantic Web Ontologies Microdata OWL RDFa JSON-LD Linked Open Data E-Commerce E-Business 


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