Secure Storing of E-Health Records in the Cloud

  • Fabian WiedemannEmail author
  • Martin Gaedke
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Storing business sensitive data in the cloud is a huge challenge. Since disclosures of Edward Snowden, the trust in encryptions of the cloud provider decreased enormously. While this problem exists in many domains, like financial data, we identified a scenario in the e-Health sector. It is an important issue to preserve the patients’ privacy when storing their e-Health records in the cloud. That is, encryption and decryption must be done by the client and it must be ensured that the cloud provider cannot access any e-Health record. Since a lot of e-Health records can be stored in such a system, it must be possible to search on the encrypted data without revealing any meta data or the records themselves. In this paper we present our planned research to securely store data in the cloud. We propose a first approach to deal with the identified requirements and describe our research methodology.


Cloud Security Privacy Encryption Storage 


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