REST Web Service Description for Graph-Based Service Discovery

  • Rosa Alarcon
  • Rodrigo Saffie
  • Nikolas BravoEmail author
  • Javiera Cabello
Conference paper
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Unlike WSDL/SOAP based services, REST services lack a widely accepted service description since it increases the coupling between clients and servers, hampering service evolution. In practice, REST services are described through informal, ad-hoc and semi-structured documents, often written in natural language, which worsens the level of coupling. Most of the few REST service descriptions currently proposed follow an operation-centric approach with unclear additional benefits for developers and consumers. We propose a service description model focused on hypermedia allowing the generation of a graph that captures state transitions in an activity layer; we also capture resource, transition, and response semantics in a semantic layer. Using graph queries we traverse the graph and facilitate service discovery and composition. The service model was implemented as Microdata-based annotations, and a JSON description. A prototype was developed using Neo4J, and a set of real Web APIs was chosen to illustrate our approach.


Service Composition Service Discovery Service Description Graph Query Resource Concept 
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  • Rosa Alarcon
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  • Rodrigo Saffie
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  • Nikolas Bravo
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  • Javiera Cabello
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  1. 1.Computer Science DepartmentPontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileSantiagoChile

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