The Angiosome Concept: Does It Apply to the Ischaemic Diabetic Foot?

  • Hisham RashidEmail author
  • Raghvinder Pal Singh Gambhir
  • Hani Slim


Major amputation is an important risk in patients with diabetic foot critical ischaemia. Revascularisation in patients with critical leg ischaemia is essential for tissue healing and in reducing the risk of amputation. The angiosome concept was introduced in the treatment of critical ischaemia in hope of improving wound healing and risk of limb loss. There have been conflicting reports in the effectiveness of this principle in patients with critical ischaemia and wound healing especially in diabetes. Some reports have highlighted the importance of the quality of the arterial pedal arch rather than the angiosome revascularisation in wound healing and limb salvage.

In this chapter the authors address the discrepancy of data outcome and the impact of angiosome revascularisation in the ischaemic diabetic foot as well as the effectiveness of both angioplasty and bypass using this concept.


Ischaemia Angiosomes Revascularisation Diabetic foot Wound healing Bypass Angioplasty 


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