Knee Injuries: Conservative Management, Operative Management, and Return to Sport

  • Nicole A. Friel
  • Drew A. Lansdown
  • Brian J. ColeEmail author


Knee injuries are common in all age groups, including the increasingly active population of masters athletes. Knee injuries in this age group range from acute injuries such as ACL tears to degenerative changes leading to osteoarthritis. Appropriate treatment allows the athlete to not only return to physical activity but also to maintain the mental benefits associated with exercise. Acute injury such as an ACL tear can be treated non-operatively with physical therapy in a select group of patients, but high-demand athletes involved in activities with directional change benefit from ACL reconstruction. Knee osteoarthritis is addressed with a progression of treatment options, including maintenance of a healthy weight, physical therapy, bracing, oral supplements, NSAIDs, and varying intra-articular injections, including corticosteroid, hyaluronic acid, and biologic injections. Surgical treatments include cartilage restoration, osteotomy, and partial or total knee arthroplasty. The ultimate goal is to increase function and decrease pain to allow the masters athlete return to activity.


Knee Injury Osteoarthritis Masters athlete Aging athlete 


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