Spiral Enteroscopy: Technique, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Yield and Application in Small Bowel Crohn’s Disease

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Spiral enteroscopy is another technique available in the armamentarium of the endoscopist for the exploration of the small bowel (or difficult to intubate colon). It applies the principle of pleating the small bowel through rotation rather than push-pull as with the previous techniques. This implies a different technique and set of skills but the diagnostic and therapeutic yield, as well as safety are similar to other device-assisted methods.


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Supplementary material

Video 9.1

Endoscopic view of the small bowel during anterograde spiral enteroscopy. Note the steady progression of the scope with minimal gas distention to allow a good grasp of the spiral on the bowel wall to facilitate advancement. Water can also be injected through the channel when more luminal distention is desired. Video used with permission of Spirus Medical LLC (AVI 55839 kb)


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