Video Object Discovery and Co-segmentation with Extremely Weak Supervision

  • Le Wang
  • Gang Hua
  • Rahul Sukthankar
  • Jianru Xue
  • Nanning Zheng
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8692)


Video object co-segmentation refers to the problem of simultaneously segmenting a common category of objects from multiple videos. Most existing video co-segmentation methods assume that all frames from all videos contain the target objects. Unfortunately, this assumption is rarely true in practice, particularly for large video sets, and existing methods perform poorly when the assumption is violated. Hence, any practical video object co-segmentation algorithm needs to identify the relevant frames containing the target object from all videos, and then co-segment the object only from these relevant frames. We present a spatiotemporal energy minimization formulation for simultaneous video object discovery and co-segmentation across multiple videos. Our formulation incorporates a spatiotemporal auto-context model, which is combined with appearance modeling for superpixel labeling. The superpixel-level labels are propagated to the frame level through a multiple instance boosting algorithm with spatial reasoning (Spatial-MILBoosting), based on which frames containing the video object are identified. Our method only needs to be bootstrapped with the frame-level labels for a few video frames (e.g., usually 1 to 3) to indicate if they contain the target objects or not. Experiments on three datasets validate the efficacy of our proposed method, which compares favorably with the state-of-the-art.


video object discovery video object co-segmentation spatiotemporal auto-context model Spatial-MILBoosting 

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  • Gang Hua
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  • Rahul Sukthankar
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  • Jianru Xue
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  • Nanning Zheng
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