Robotic Transanal Surgery (RTS)

  • Matthew AlbertEmail author
  • Sam AtallahEmail author
  • Roel Hompes


Robotic transanal surgery (RTS) is a relatively new application of the robot in the endoluminal treatment of rectal diseases especially rectal neoplasms. RTS was facilitated by the development of flexible transanal ports for TAMIS (transanal minimally invasive surgery) that permit docking of the robotic system to allow more complex endoluminal dissection and suturing. Although the technique is in its infancy, newer robotic platforms in the next several years should further enhance the feasibility of endoluminal surgeries potentially even more proximal in the colon.


Robotic transanal surgery Transanal endoscopic surgery (TEM) Transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) 

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