Appendix 2: Supplement for Chapters 3 and 4

  • Stephen Leon Lipscomb


This Appendix extends, in the sense of providing details and technical information, Chapters 3 and 4.


Cosmic Background Radiation Euclidean Geometry Parallel Universe Saddle Surface High Frequency Electromagnetic Wave 
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Supplementary material

4-web moving into human vision (54,613 KB)

Hyper-sphere L-4 (50,572 KB)

Hyper-sphere L-5 (124,074 KB)

Hyper-sphere L-6 (143,719 KB)

Hyper-sphere L-7 (234,198 KB)

Hyper-sphere L-8 (278,008 KB)

Production intro-plus-warning (13,754 KB)


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